Solène Latour – Commercial


I’m Solène Latour, I’m 20 years old and I live in Paris.

Currently, I’m in second year in ISCOM Paris. If I choosed the sector of communication firstly because I am a communicant and secondly because I love working in group to achieve a goal.

I grew up in the suburb of Paris, in Draveil. In this little town I practiced tennis during 10 years and I played guitar during 8 years (I am unfortunately not a good player). Even if I don’t practice anymore tennis, I still play with my father. Sport is really good for the physic and the mind.

More over, I’m also passionate by cinema. It is a familial passion. My father built my cinematographic culture during my childhood. Nowadays, it’s my turn to make him discover new film.

  • Communicant: I like develop argument for defend a point of view. More generally, I love discuss with people, learn to know about them, about what they like.
  • Organized: I have a very full life. I manage study, job and a lot of other different activities. So I know how I have to organize me to succeed.

My role: the commercial of the team. In view of my skills, I didn’t hesitate. The role of communicant was an evidence for me and for my group. I already occupied this post during my last mission and I did a good job. So I renew this experience.


Every nights I dream about the same job… Movie Producer. Already when I was a little girl, discovering the cinema, I was dreaming of this job. My skills of commercial could be good for this job. However, this sector is really selective. You have to come from this “world”. You have to know the good persons. So I’m realistic and I know that this job will be hard to obtain. But I am a courageous person, I will get it!

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