Romain Jacquart – Art director

rom1ROMAIN :

I’m Romain Jacquart, I’m 19 years old and I live in Eaubonne.

Currently, I’m in second year in ISCOM Paris. From a scientific cursus in high school, I chose to study communication because I’m found of creation.

I got 2 main passions: video and travel. They match pretty good together.


  • Passionate: I’m not use to be a hard worker. But when I’m involved in something I like, I can spend 2 days in a row working on it. And I always manage to finish my job well done, I also can be sometimes manic.
  • Sociable: I love interacting with other partners. Communicate, share, work with team is always a pleasure to me.


As I said I’m found of any kind of creation, so it’s logically why I’m the art director in the agency. My role is to design all the graphics items and verify that everything match together. I made for example the logo, the video and even the website you’re currently looking.


I can’t put a name on my dream job. But the thing that I’m sure, it is that it has to be a nomad job ! I can’t sit more than 3 hours working on a chair, so my dream job would be something that allows me to express my creation and make videos while travelling.


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