Camille Blanc – Designer editor


I’m Camille Blanc, I’m 19 years old and I am from Paris. At the moment, I’m living in Bois-colombes, in the suburbs of Paris. I’m in 2nd years of ISCOM Paris, a school to learn communication and advertising. I’m found of skiing and traveling. When I’m skiing or traveling, I like to observe the landscape.

  • Curious: I love to discover new things in all areas, new restaurants, new countries, new activities… I hate to be in a routine, I discover new things because I’m bored quickly. For example, this summer, I worked in Chicago to improve my English and see different ways of working (the customer relationship is very different in the US than in France!)
  • Creative: I like to create visual and to think about what I can create. I realised some logos and last year, I was an artistic director in a mock company named MOCSI and in every other project in my school.

In ORA Agency, I’m the designer editor. I hesitated a long time between communication and journalism for my studies. This role allows me to communicate while wielding words. I already wrote a blog and I like to search some information and write about my researches. So, concretely, I’m helping Romain in creation, I have to find the editorial line and catchy title.


In my future, I would like to work in an advertising agency. For me this sector seems very interesting because every project is new and very different from each others. That breaks the routine. I would like to think about design ideas and then realize them.  Since last year, while being in my first year at ISCOM, I discovered that I wanted to work in the creative sector.

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