Axelle Peyronnet – Community manager

ax1AXELLE : 

I’m Axelle Peyronnet, I’m 19 years old and I live in Eaubonne. Currently, I’m in second year in ISCOM Paris. I decided to turn to the communication because it offers many possibilities of jobs. It’s a varied domain that always evolves.

I practiced the swimming during 10 years in club and I have made many competitions. It brought me the sense of the perseverance as well as the cohesion of equipped. Today I have not a practice any more but it is always the sport which fascinates me and which I exercise without club. I’m also passionate by music, I’m always in search of new musical genres and new artists. To finish, I adore reading, whether it’s fantastic, serious or sad book.

  • Team worker:I like to work in team, I have a good capacity of adaptation to the various professional profiles. Moreover, teamwork allows to share our different skills and to acquire new knowledge.
  • Organized: I have common sense of the organization and I like managing the deadlines, planning the appointments to make of my projects a success.

Last year I worked in an association as community manager for two months. I have a good experience in that function that’s why I’ll take care of that in the agency.


I am not sure of the post yet which I shall like occupying after my studies. However, the work in agency of special event management attracts me a lot. That’s why this year I’m going to do my internship in this field for three months in the agency Prache Media Event. I should take care of the communication of the agency but also bring my help for the preparation of the events as well as on the ground. I really hope that the special event management will please me.

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