Alexandra Rizzo – Project manager


My name is Alexandra Rizzo, I am 19 years old and I live in Paris. Currently, I am a second year student in ISCOM Paris. I have chosen the communication sector because it’s a way really creative and artistic. It’s also a polyvalent sector and I like it.

During my free time, my hobbies are various. To take landscapes photography helps me to express my creativity. I enjoy cooking new savors to make happy my entourage. Reading book inspires me. I am sportive, I play tennis and I run. I like discovering news ways of living thanks to meditation and magnetism. It helped me to learn how to be focused and methodological in my work.

I am somebody who needs to exert myself especially with a sport. Since 14 years, I practice tennis in my origin’suburb. During three years, I did tennis’ competitions and I won some trophies.. I’m more than a little proud of it !


Dynamic : I need action and movement in my job. I am someone who likes to be on all fronts during a project, not to give orders but to understand and accompany members of the team.

People-oriented : I am comprehensive person and I like to have all point of view and all ideas to have an objective vision of the situation.


My role in ORA Agency is to be the group leader. I have to guid them in all steps of our project. In fact I am in charge to organize and divide stains in all members to create a real and durable cohesion in our ORA team. I have to be listening to enable to everybody to have access of all informations


I would like to work in a sector which promote innovation and creation but I don’t have a precise idea of my future work.  Many sectors inspire me: the perfume sector, luxury sector or investigative journalism.  I am a “jack of all trades”, therefore I want to discover news countries, new people and new culture. I would like to be inspire from many experiences before setting up my individual project.

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