Crowdfunding website : an easy way to earn money ?

Earning free money from generous donors, is not it everyone’s dream? This is now possible thanks to the crowdfunding website. But make a successfull fundraise isn’t so simple, let’s analyze together how it works.

Who can create a crowdfunding ?

There are many different profils that may need to do a fundraising.

  • New start-up : creating his own company if very costly. To rent server, buy website, do the marketing and communication, hire employees …  But if your new idea convince people, they may want to donate in order to help you growing.


  • Accomplish your project or dream :  it can be your dream trip to a far country with an expensive flight ticket, it can be buying a new car or a new house.


  • People in need : it can also be poeple with short money income. They may need money to the daily basis like buying food, oil or family activites. It can also be medical fees from a costly disease, or to pay the reparation after a disaster like a tsnuami, storm or flooding, or even a fire like recently with Notre Dame de Paris (rip bb).


How does it work ?

In crowdfunding website, donations are based of the generosity of people. Indeed, a fundraising campain need to arouse interest, or even more, to arouse emotions. Users must be affacted emotionally by your idea or your project to be convinced to give their money.

However, many fake campaign exist, like fake victim or terrorist attack, or fake campaign like for the rebuilding of Notre Dame. It can also exist polemic fundraising campaign about subject that are not considered eligible. It happened gew month ago with a campaign supporting a Gilet jauné who fought with policeman in Paris.


If you are any of people we quoted at the beginning, try to create your own crowdfunding campaign on website like GoFundMe or Leetchi.


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