Communication agency : digital revolutionizes the market

In this article we will analyze the consequences of digitalization on communication agency. Indeed the digital transformation has not only impacted large companies but also involved small economic structures …

New tools

Digital has totally changed the landscape of communication agency market Firstly, agencies had to adapt to the new communication tools. Today, they have become indispensable to be heard. In recent years communication tools have multiplied. Between social networks, blogs, newsletters, streaming sites, applications for smartphones and data, the levers for transmitting information have become uncountable. Possibilities are so wide that they become very complex.

New strategies

All these new tools were not positively perceived by the communication agencies. Indeed these have come disrupted the established strategy of the agencies. All         usual strategies has been question. Thus agencies had to appropriate all these new tools in order to develop new strategies. Agencies that do not wish to adapt have gradually run to make a way to digital  agencies.

While some agencies still have difficulties with digitalization, others are discovering benefits of these new tools. Two of them are now essential for communication agencies:

  • the data collect information from consumers to better target advertisements. Advertising campaigns achieve optimum efficiency.
  • social networks are a super powerful tool to develop a « brand content » without much effort and more friendly. Thus the brand can develop a real link with its consumers. Agencies can directly address its targets through games, contests, promotional offers, exclusives …

New actors of communication agency

The majority of communications agencies have had the means to hire experts adapted to the new demand. But many medium agencies have sunk under the weight of digital transformation. Today, new communication agencies focused on digital have emerged. They use freelance that allows them to choose the ideal person at the ideal time. Thus these new agencies do not fear change since they can adapt very quickly.

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