Cinemas in a logic of immersion with 4DX

Do you know the new way to watch a movie ?

After the 3D movies, that have become indispensable, cinemas continue to follow technological progress.

4DX Cinemas appeared in 2009 for the release of « Journey to the center of the earth 3D ». This principle of immersion that overturns the usual limits of the screen has been developped by the South Korean company CJ 4DPLEX. This concept was create to challenge the competition with streaming sites. Indeed, if cinemas do not find something more attractive that does not exist on streaming sites, they will eventually end up. (If you want to read on of our article about Netflix series, click here :

This is why the principle of immersion has been implemented in cinemas. Now, there are 4DX cinemas in 61 countries. This technology offers a total immersion. I am going to explain you what I mean. You can begin to watch this video for a better understanding of the concept :

What is a total immersion ?

The principle is to feel what the character are living on screen. If there is wind in the film, there will be wind in the movie theater, your seats can move, flashes of lights might appear, you can smells different smelling…The goal is to feel what the characters are feeling in real time. Watch this video to see every effects :

For a motion picture to make use of the 4DX features available in a theater, a 4DX « track » needs to be programmed on top of the existing video and audio tracks. In other words, a 4DX movie is a standard movie with the addition of a 4DX track that controls the 4DX features during playback.

Which people are targeted by the 4DX cinemas?

It’s for you if you like movies and thrill rides. These sessions are intended for young people from 14 to 30 years old. Pregnant women, those who are prone to back or neck pain, and all those with different health problems should avoid. Visitors under one meter and 10 years old, too.

So, do not hesitate and go test!

Written by Camille

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