Experimental restaurant, Paul Pairet

The first of is kind

Conceived by Paul Pairet since 1996 and open in 2012, Ultraviolet Unites Food with multi-sensory technology to create a fully immersive experimental dining.

What ?

A single table of ten seats only. A 20-course “Avant-garde” set menu. All the gueste sit together. The experience begins. Food leads. Dinner unfolds as a sensory play choreographed by chef Paul Pairet and the Ultraviolet team. No décor, no artifacts, no paintings, no views. Ultraviloet’s dining room is ascetic by nature. Specifically equipped with multi sensorial high-end. Technology, the dining room is dressed-up by lights. Sounds, music, scents… A cool air blow, an immersive projection, images and imagination…and food.

Each course is enhanced with its own taste-tailored atmosphere. Ultraviolet is the first experimental experience of it’s kind

Ultraviolet is innovate by essence, an unmatched alternative

Offering something new is one thing : a new décor, a new chef, a new style of cuisine. Offering something innovative is something else : innovations supposes no existing alternative. Somehow, it is quite easy to be innovative : being the smallest, the biggest, the most expensive, the cheapest… Being extreme is enough.

Yet, we all agree, innovation is not a goal, certainly a risk, and is controversial by nature. Innovation for its own sake is meaningless. To be relevant, innovation shall be rooted in need or create a new one. Ultraviolet does not claim to be world’s smallest restaurant, the first secretive venu, the most luxurious.. Yet, it is certainly one of the most experimental, one of the funniest, one of the most daring, the most everything per guest. But, that is not where innovation lies. Above all its features, Ultraviolet’s main characteristic is to be the first restaurant to attempt uniting food with multi-sensorial technologies to create(e a fully immersive dining experience. Light, projections, sound, music, scent, air flow, temperature are core ingredients of the menu.

Ultraviolet’s concept is rooted in the need to control the relevance of the random ambiance factor in order to further enhance the dining experience.

If you want to have a foretaste, click on the link to see the trailer ! https://uvbypp.cc/

Written by Alexandra

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