App Pokemon GO : how smartphones eradicated boredom

« Central Park in New York, a summer evening. Thousands of people suddenly converge to the same place. Some of them let their car park in the middle of the street, some of them stumble… » What is happening? An alien invasion? A secret concert of Justin Bieber? Not at all, the cause of all this craziness is that a rare Pokemon that just appeared, and everyone is running to catch it.

What is Pokemon Go ?

Two years ago, in summer 2016, Pokemon Go crowded in parks thousands of people from 10 to 80 years old all around the world. This app revealed us much about human nature and the digital mass effect.


The concept of the game is very simple, your city is the game map. Small creatures named “pokemon” appear randomly in the streets and your goal is to catch them. The mass effect created by the application led some people do irresponsible things. Many accidents happened because of Pokemon Go. From the group of teenagers that enter to private residency, to the lonely guy that falls of a cliff because he had his nose stuck on his smartphone.

Without going in the extremes, most of the accident due to the game were road accident. People were watching pokemon instead of watching the road. This behaviour reveals us that as human, our mind can easily be attracted by our smartphone, even at the expense of our own security.

This is also revealing us that we are not capable anymore of be bored. Even during short moment as walking or driving, we feel forced to have our mind occupied with our smartphone. We can’t go outside without our smartphone anymore, whether it is to catch pokemons or to pass the time listening to some music, human eradicated boredom.

But is it a good thing ? I don’t think so.

Written by Romain

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