How meeting applications changed our relationships?

A new way to create a relationship

In recent years, the dating market has evolved considerably with the growth of social networks and the multiplication of applications. In the age of digitalization, our way of meeting the soul-sister and create a relationship has changed considerably.

According to a 2016 survey, 9% of French couples who formed between 2005 and 2013 met on a dating site.

Dating applications (for example Meetic, Happn, Tinder), have first really brought something to the dating relationships. In the first years this allowed to overcome his timidity, to show his personality, to write, to go deep into the exchange before the physical encounter.

These applications allow more and more targeted searches and to meet love according to our criteria (localization, age, religion, sexual preferences etc).

In recent years, applications have evolved. Take the example of the Happn app launched in 2014.
The app proposes to find very easily people met by chance in any place. Its geolocation system keeps in mind all members (the person must also have the application).

Meeting applications to build a relationship raise many debates.

Negative aspects :

  • They favour aesthetics at first glance
  • A lot of users are not looking for long and serious relationships
  • Encounters are not as natural as in real life
  • Sometimes people create false profiles and there’s no way to know who you’re really talking to

Positive aspects :

  • It allows you to overcome your timidity if you are afraid in real life
  • A lot of meetings can be done quickly, there is a wide « choice »
  • It’s possible to specify our search criteria directly to find a corresponding profile
  • Virtually discussing can reveal your personality before you see yourself physically

To conclude, these new ways of meeting lead to many questions. In my opinion, there are both negative and positive sides, but the important thing is to have thought it over before you sign up for these applications and not be ashamed of this choice.

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Written by Axelle

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