Digital garden: a constant optimization

As we can see in the articles published on this blog, digital transformation touches absolutely all activities, whether professional or recreational activities. In this article, we will focus on the digital transformation in our garden.

Why use digital in our garden?

Cultures depend the environment around them. Crops need favorable conditions to grow. Whether the weather or the quality of the ground where they grow, gardeners must be very attentive to changes. If conditions are not optimal, gardeners must immediately intervene to take care of their crops. For example, if the weather changes, an adaptation to this change is necessary (cover plants, change watering times …). Another example, if the composition of the ground changes, a treatment is required. To be able to adapt properly, gardeners have to be able to predict these changes. Gardeners must constantly monitor the conditions in which each plant grows. However, it is difficult for a human to constantly monitor crops. This is why the appearance of digital measuring tools have become indispensable for modern gardeners.

Meteorological tools

Of all the digital tools that have emerged, weather stations have become the most indispensable. In fact, weather is an important component in crop development. It can be as well a carrier of positive (sun or rain) than a negative one (snow or wind). Weather stations allow for accurate measuring and forecasting of weather. These last one considers a several parameters in order to establish its forecasts: the temperature, the humidity, the atmospheric pressure, the speed and the direction of the wind, and the amount of precipitation fallen. However, these measures are not enough for the well-being of cultures.

Ground control tools

Indeed, crops are also dependent on the ground in which they evolve. New connected objects were born to inform gardeners of the perfect time to water their plants. The « Plant Link » sensor, for example, provides this functionality. There are also objects to control the ground PH that gardeners are working on. Robot lawn mowers take care of the ground surface without having to spend hours fighting with weeds.


In other words, humans have managed to maximize the yield of their crop using modern technologies. Today, most of gardeners are assisted by connected object that allow them to limit losses.

Written by Solène

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