Fashion’s future, A.Human’s flesh jewelry

With his flashing collar at the rhythm of the heartbeat and his heels permanently attached to the feet, A.Human pushes the limits of fashion.

Between art and technology  there is only one step. For several days jewelry of a new kind make the buzz on social networks. Firstly because they are worn by Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen or the transgender model Andreja Pejic, but mostly because their creativity intrigues. They are displayed in the extension of the flesh and look like necklaces, heels, shoulder pads or rings. The idea is to question the future of fashion according to Simon Huck, artist at the origin of these jewelry designed halfway between experimental projects and fashion accessories.

We find them under the label A.Human, « the fashion brand of the future » created by the 34-year-old American. He approaches fashion as an extension of the skin. This line is unlike any other because it includes body modifications rather than clothing. To achieve this result, Simon Huck collaborated with artists such as stage director Michael Counts and makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench. And uses scenography, technology and prosthetics to blur the line between reality and fantasy.


Change your body as you change your clothes with fashion’s jewels

Simon Huck will present his entire collection at an immersive and interactive art exhibition. It will take place from September 5 to 30 in New York, in full Fashion Week. We will find the LED necklace worn by Kim Kardashian, able to feel the heartbeat and to flash according to its rhythm. The horn-shaped epaulettes carved on the skin of the top Andreja Pejic, created in collaboration with Nicola Formichetti designer. Which is at the origin of the most mythical looks of Lady Gaga or organic high heels. It was inspired by the shape of the shells of nautiluses that can be fixed permanently to the feet.


Creations that push the boundaries of fashion that visitors can try. « It was important that this experience is grounded in optimism while also prompting visitors to think about the future potential of fashion, » says Huck in a press release. « In order to invite them to question their definition of self-expression. »

If you want see is creations you can go look on this page !

Written by Alexandra

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