Black mirror : a series that is behind the scenes

Black mirror is an original Netflix’s serie created by Charlie Booker. It talks about digital transformation, but not in a positive way. It drives technology to its paroxysm. Uncomfortable episodes that show the omnipresence of screens. And they are all inspired by the reality…

His original and often satirical angle of view pleased me a lot. In every episode, we are transported into different universes, while being infinitely close to what our world could become.

Black Mirror in real life ?

Many articles about digital transformation on the internet make us think of Black mirror. And it’s really scary.

We can note « Arcange » when a father created an app to force his son to answer at his message (, but is not the only one. We can quote « Nosedive », the episode with the app to rate each human, it already exists in China ( Also, the project Digital Shaman in Japan ( proposes to replace people who has disappeared by a robot with his face printed in 3D. The robot mimics the behavior of the dead… That reminds « Be right back ».

But these are not the only ones…

Are we using well the technology ?

As in reality, we note in Black Mirror that every industry is touched by digital transformation. It can be positive, as we showed you in many article on this blog, or negative if humanity goes too far. This series shows the limits of technology and allows us to interrogate ourselves : are we using well the technology ?

On the other hand, this series is also interesting because it evolved also with digital transformation, we can notice the interactive episode « Bandersnatch ». We don’t only look the episode, we take part of it.

So, if you have not seen this serie, you must ! It’s really interesting to have a different point of view about the digital transformation, often very idealized.

Written by Camille

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