How digital changed our way of travelling

When was the last time that you get yourself lost? By lost I mean deeply and really lost. Not lost for only 5 short minutes, like when you look after the way on Google Maps for the closest McDonalds from your subway exit.

Once upon a time, getting deeply lost was the main motivation of travellers and backpackers. Leaving their comfort zone to find themselves without landmarks in a foreign country, thousands of miles from home, challenging locals to find a place to eat or sleep.

But is it still possible nowadays?

With the omnipresence of digital in our life trough smartphones, it gets harder and harder to get lost.

While travelling around the world, either in Asia, Africa or South America, it costs only few euros to buy a local sim card and get internet connexion as good as home. Indeed, almost every country has a mobile telephony company that provide internet connexion.

Therefore, rent a hotel or find a good restaurant online is a piece of cake. Apps as Trip Advisor or permit you to see other traveller’s experiences and help you too choose, then few clicks, pay online, and you’re done.

Travelling lost his main foundations: unknown and adventure. There is no place anymore for doubt, travelling became guided. Tourist now care about previous tourist’s advices. Therefore everyone do the same trips, use the same road, visit the same monuments, eat in the same well rated restaurant ..etc


Tourists stack on a wifi-point in Cuba

Paper maps has been replaced by Google maps, no need to interact with others to find your way. Talk and exchange with locals now became uninteresting with translate apps. And personal memories have been replaced by Instagram posts.

Because, let’s be honest, have you really been to Thailand if you didn’t post at least five photos on Instagram ? Of course not

Written by Romain

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