Digital learning, a new way of teaching?

Digital revolutionized learning. A new way of producing and sharing knowledge is born. We call that the digital learning.

Digital learning benefits

Nowadays, you just need to connect to Internet to get access to culture. 20 years ago, access to knowledge was through libraries or bookstores. Very complicated and sometimes expansive… With digital, learning has become more democratic. It has become accessible to all even if buying digital learning support have an important cost. However, we can see it as an investment.  Books, documentaries, schoolbook… all these supports are dematerialized and, therefore, cheaper. Digital support’s price is amortize over time.

Digital means more than just sharing knowledge. It is also an opportunity for exchange different kind of information. It could be practical information, grave information, funny information or school information. Then, it is an excellent academic monitoring tool. More and more “school intranets” are emerging. Parents and teachers can communicate through this tool to best personalize students accompaniment. When a student have bad marks, the source of this problem can be quickly identify.

In view of all these benefits, we can ask us: why are schools still wary these powerful learning tools?

Digital learning limits

Digital is such a powerful tool that it becomes difficult to control it. That is the main limit of the digital tool. Originally banned in schools, it has imposed itself in classrooms… by smartphones hided in pockets or under tables. Do not lie you also made it! (For 21th century’s students). This trend demonstrates well the inevitable and uncontrollable nature of this digital transformation. It involves a reinvention of the traditional school. School have to deal with issues such as managing computer parks, archiving and protecting data, training teacher to digital…

As with all sectors affected by digital transformation, positive changes are emerging but we have to worry about the limitations (sometimes unknown) of the use of these new tools.

Written by Solène

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