Clothes industry : How Instagram deal with it ?

Instagram : a stakes for brands

Instagram has, today, a lot of stakes for each brands. Influencers promote their products and influence a community to buy this product. And in the textile industry, there are lot of influencers. For the brand, this concept is considered as press relation.Before, brands were placing their products on a magazine, now it’s on Instagram. But it is not free. That’s why, this concept is in perpetual evolution with avatars and now, digital clothes.

Real people or avatar ?

First of all, after the apparition of accounts held by artificial intelligences, like Lil Miquela ( , Perl ( or Blawko (, appears on Instagram the virtual clothes. The first reflexion to have is to know if the apparition of these avatars are putting influencers in danger. Cheaper, more obedient but less human, what do you think ?

Digital clothes

After that, one brand named « Carling » created a website where you can buy a virtual cloth for your Instagram’s pictures (click on this link to show the website : You do not receive the real product ! Clothes are digitally weared for ten, twenty or thirty euros.
Indeed, for I-D Morten Grubak, creative director of the Virtue Nordic agency, who worked on the e-apparel campaign « In the last decade, fashion has shifted from street to social media ».

But what is the interest of « wearing » this clothes ? For the creator, it is made to democratize the clothes industry and allows all social categories to wear a creator piece cheaper but also to deal with environnemental stakes and resolve overconsumption.
If each brand develop this technology, maybe it can be a cheaper way to promote their product. In any case, the principle of influencers remunerated with product must changed.

And you, what do you think ? If fake influencers, fake clothes brought a false society existing only on instagram? Would it be a danger for brand or / and user ?

Written by Camille

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