How social networks changed our organization

Organization never have been a time of pleasure.

 When do we meet ? Where ? What do we have to bring ? How are we going to work ?

All those kinds of problems that used to seriously make group loosing precious time. But nowadays digital and more especially social networks brought a powerful solution to solve those problems.

Student’s organization :

Social Networks are truly a blessing for every student. They can be compared to a revolution in the world of organization. It became playful, convenient and quick to organize any kind of work with his teammates.

The first and most useful tool to organize is obviously the app “Messenger” by Facebook. You create a group in two clicks, add your comrades, then you can immediately communicate with them, share pictures and files, make video-conference, create polls and organize yourselves !


Professional’s organization :

In the working world, digital and social networks also made their road in the question of organization. But with another form : Trello. It is a new tool that permit you to keep track of everything, from the big picture to the minute details in any kind of work.

A system a board allow you to define specific task to a specific person, then this person can keep you informing of his progress. And that is only the first way to use Trello. You can also share files, create retro planning with deadlines, create links and much more.


Every day’s organization :

Socials networks quickly became an everyday tool. It now became the first way to inform your entourage that you are planning something.

“I organize a party at my house next Friday ? Ok, let’s create an event to inform my friends !”

“There is a great concert of my favourite artist the following month? Great I can join the Facebook event so I can see if some of my friends are interesting to come with me”

It even become the main tool to organize huge events as demonstration. As show us the French actuality, the movement “Gilets Jaunes” organize themselves mostly by creating group and events on Facebook.


In less than few hours, more than 30 thousand of French people can be inform that a special demonstration will take place on next Saturday and join the movement. And this is the power of organization gave by social networks.

Those social networks create an important infatuation around the movement, and allowed people to discuss easily, share ideas, debate, and even create music about it :

Written by Romain


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