Musical industry impacted by digital

For a long time the musical world stayed away from the societal and economic changes. Today, the digital plays a beneficial role in the transformation of the music’s sector.

What changes in musical industry?

The economic model of the musical world was upset by the arrival of the new platforms of listening and division. It modifies not only the way of consuming but also the way of producing and of promoting the artists.

Effectively, the way of producing, of promoting the artists and of consuming some music changed. There are new manners to spread the music, the services of composition in the demand, the new modes of financing, construction of fanbase digitalis to optimize its tours. Among these platforms: Spotify, Deezer, iMuze…

Moreover, record companies less take risks to develop new talents unless the latter are supported by a strong digital community, a significant number of followers or views on Facebook or on YouTube.

And about the inconveniences?

There is also negative aspect of this transformation it’s the disappearance of hundred professionals of the music. In fact, they did not know how to adapt themselves in this digital revolution.

The sector thus got closer to an entrepreneurial model, where each can create from now on, spread, and monetize his works without the assistance of a professional of the sector.

Indeed, just like the entrepreneurs, the professional musicians have to reflect about the construction of their musical projects. They have to reflect about their positionings on a market existing with regard to the competition and put forward the added value of the latter, to make them known, to seduce their public and to tempt him to attend their concerts or to listen to their music. They become actors of their communication by building their visibility, their image and their fame with fans’ community.

Moreover, the streaming occupies a more and more important place in the musical industry, in depends on sales of albums. So, the income of the artists does not stop decreasing.

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Written by Axelle

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