Cosmetics’ industry adapts their strategies to the digital era

In the cosmetics industry, the digital revolution is under way. All manufacturers have the same promise: to offer their customers a more personalized beauty, with the opportunity to follow them, to know them better and retain them.

The cosmetics purchase experience is transformed

The threat comes from the emergence of start-ups wishing to upset the classic model of the big names in the sector. Inspired by the success of Nespresso pods, Romy Paris has designed a machine similar to a percolator that can create in your bathroom care adapted to your daily routine.

L’Oréal hit hard two years ago at the Cannes Film Festival, leaving Makeup Genius. This free application has been downloaded 20 million times in 60 countries (

Thanks to it, consumers can virtually try on their mobile L’Oréal Paris make-up products. If Makeup Genius is popular with younger generations who like to have fun and chat on social networks, the sales it could generate are not revealed. However, L’Oréal says it is sufficiently satisfied to launch this fall a version dedicated to nail polish …

More and more interactive cosmetics stores

The arrival of these sites has forced the cosmetics’ industry to innovate in the digitalization of its physical stores. Sephora made the buzz by opening in Paris one of the first interactive stores of its kind: Sephora Flash. On the menu: 14,000 references available online that can be ordered via tablets. Also, a selfie bar offering makeup and tutorials to test and share looks on social networks, a machine distributing samples … And even a tool the Dior Skin Analyzer, which comes in the form of a touch screen with a camera.

L’Occitane has equipped 400 shelf stores that recognize products and inform customers if the seller is not available. They can also retrieve information on the profiles of loyal consumers.

Although digital transformation is now well under way in the sector, initiatives have until then been scattered and jealously protected.

Written by Alexandra

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