Film industry: and if the digital was a fake friend?

The arrival of digital technologies in the film industry is a revolution. It extended in all the aspects of the sector. Since the recording of the images until the exploitation in cinemas. Including the visual effects, the sound, and even the marketing of the works.

A new way to create

Nowadays, movies are not anymore projected by using film strips but thanks to files recorded on hard drives. Indeed, digital images are smoother and the use of special effects or 3D is more flexible. Filmmakers, therefore, prefer working with digital devices to be free in their creations. However, there are some « rebels » who want to keep the film strips process to obtain a more authentic rendering. The quality of digital images is almost too perfect for these naysayers. The use, or non-use, of digital in the creation of a work can therefore be interpreted as a creative part of the filmmaker.

A new way of consuming

Digital technologies have revolutionized cinema in both, film design and commercialization. It has never been easier to watch movies from all ages, from physical media (DVD, Blu-ray) or virtual media (video on demand), on all types of screens, at any time . The advantage of a such easy access to cinema generates drifts like « illegal streaming ». With the growth of illegal film consumption, the film industry is losing revenue. Beyond the individual consumption (beneficial or not), the digital also favors the sharing and the discovery of films, that it is to diffuse a work in a local frame (a projection in a small town) or pedagogical ( the possibility of studying films in class).

Even if the digital revolution of the film industry has allowed great advances, there isn’t only positive opinions about this subject. Copyright is endangered by « illegal streaming » and some filmmakers are afraid of losing authenticity with digital images.

Written by Solène

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