App UBER : new era of Taxis

What is Uber ?

Except if you live in a cave for the past ten years, you probably know what is the app : Uber. But anyway, let’s make a quick recap.

Uber is a world known and used taxi app. It permit you to order a driver wherever and whenever you want. This this in a duration of less than 10 minutes. This concept has been created in San Francisco back to March 2009 by Travis Kalanick and Garett Camp. And today Uber is valued at more than 40 billion dollars. How did we get here ?

Digital transformation

The genius of Uber was to ride the wave of digitization, it embodies this digital revolution. Indeed, Uber has upset the taxi industry with its service.

While classic taxis denied engage themselves is the digital transformation, losing more and more turnover every year, Uber fully used the digital for his success.

How the app used the digital ?

Uber built all his structure around the digital. From the geo-localisation that allows you to see where your driver is, to the e-payment that allows you to have your ride paid even before you go in the car. There are many more digital aspects that link the app to your smarphone. And it helps to always have a uber available from the time you have a smartphone with you.


While before with taxis you had to raise your thumb for 15 minutes, miss being crushed 2 ou 3 times before hope to get one.They were just a chore to get back home, taking a uber became something interactive and and rewarding, and this is thanks to the digital.

Today, Uber took the ascendancy on taxis. The app has become a lifestyle. It really helped students from big cities to get back home safely at anytime. It become a trend as many new apps released as « Heetch » or even « Kolett« .

Written by Romain

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