App Airbnb : how to book in two click

Airbnb and Uber were the two major apps that show how our society changed with the digital transformation. If you haven’t read our Uber article, this is the best moment!

Airbnb : what is it ?

It is a society created in 2008 in California by two Americans : Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia. The concept is to allows individuals to rent part or even their whole house to vacationers. The company value is 20 billion.

As Uber did, Airbnb mainly used the digital for his marketing. The digital transformation permitted the app to overtake totally the “classic” hotel booking system.

How do the app use the digital ?

The digital is the heart of Airbnb. This is the key thing that allow users to rent a room anywhere if they have a smartphone and an internet connexion. Which is convenient for travellers, the main part of the Airbnb’s users.


Indeed, in few click, you can easily rent a room, whereas before you had to call the owner, check for availability … It was a chore. Now thanks to Airbnb, only on your smartphone, book and text with the owner, whatever he speaks Chinese, Spanish or Portuguese with the translate system.

Airbnb also use a lot digital in his communication and marketing. As airbnb’s users are mainly young (from 20 to 40 years old), digital is the best way to reach them. This is why the app created a lot of short videos that can be seen on social media as Facebook and Instagram.

Written by Romain

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