Data is at the origin of new trades

The digital transformation progress and its base is operation on data exploitation. In fact, it’s  statistics or other information represented in a form suitable for processing by matter the sector of activities, the digital transformation contributes to society ‘evolution: energy, health, publics transports, finance…

If you want to learn more about the data and if this subject attract yourself you can click on this link! it’s a playful way to learn about it !

The data became the first ambition in societies

First of all, this sector demand very special competences and real professional of data. Professionals are supported by machine very sophisticated but human ‘eyes and the professionalism are inseparable for a well data presentation. This is a sector very tense, so the experts are very demanded by societies. In few years, we can expect that digital and the data will be in the middle of needs.

Orange Business Services innovates

The Orange ‘group and especially the Orange Business Services (field dedicate to societies ‘services.  We can illustrate this engagement by a simple vision called: “data ‘trip” but the most importantly become a value, it must browse a development which going to start with the collect, then it must be transport and  be protect because it’s precious. It has to stock and be treat. Finally, she must be analysing to be sur of quality. Create value for societies but also with their clients to take care of them and to allow colleagues to be creative and official.

In conclusion we can say that this tool became essential in our words and our fonctionment. It’s allowed to societies to developp their technology. Thanks to this digital transformation all sectors realigned their strategies to follow word’s evolution like the arrival of television, mobile phone or radio in our home.

Written by Alexandra



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