RSE : The Enterprise Social Network

What is a RSE ?

First, an enterprise social network R is a system of internal communication, a place of internal professional exchange accessible to the employees of a company and possibly to the partners of this company (suppliers, customers, distributors …).
The features of an enterprise social network get closer to those of the « traditional » social networks.

« The enterprise social network  » is at the heart of the digital transformation.


Reserved for the circle of the company, the enterprise social network facilitates the cohesion as well as the transmission of the culture of the company.

The collaborators share their skills in the service of numerous in-house professional projects.

According to a study 2015 concerning the use of the enterprise social network in France, we can see that the division of best practice is the main use of the RSE with 37 % of the users.

20 % of the questioned use it as network of mutual aid and 7 % to assure a technology watch. Only 1 % for the innovation.

The market of the enterprise social network is rapidly expanding, due to the numerous offers of collaborative tools. These tools are rather trendy in the era of the digital. They facilitate largely the link of the teams which work taken away.

58 % of the French large companies have a professional social network. But, only 25 % of the managers use it on a daily basis. To conclude, it really shows how a digital tool can be playful and facilitate the work.

Written by Axelle





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