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Values of our agency

  • What are our values ?

Motivation, dynamism, organisation, effectivity and young, here are our values. We choose five words to begin this editorial guideline because we are a five people team. We all have a different personality but these words correspond to all of us.

  • What are our missions ?

Our main mission is to study how the digital has transformed management. You will read it a lot in this editorial guideline. We want to show that the impact of digital on our society is considerable. We want to highlight the fact that all sectors are impacted by this transformation. To accomplish this mission we documented ourselves on safe sources but we also used personal experiences and news topics.

  • What is its job ?

Its job is to inform people on actual digital topics. Our website can be useful to student whose want to document themselves. ORA agency also can be useful for new companies whose want to know more about their sectors.  

Purposes of our website

  • What is the purpose of our website ?

The purpose of our website is to bring a new point of view about the digital transformation management. Why new? You will see it in this editorial guideline. Indeed, we are born during this transformation, our point of view is different from the previous generation. In this editorial guideline, you will see that we want to bring new topics to show that the digital transformation is everywhere and touched every purview.

  • Who is the target of our website ?

We want to touch many categories of people because the digital concerns everybody. Our core target are students. Our main target are micro businesses, that’s why we followed many startups on Instagram. Our secondary target group are all those who want to learn more about digital topics.

  • What makes our website different from our competitors ?

Our website is different because we want to propose varied subjects and show how the digital transformation affects every sectors and every jobs. That’s why many categories exists on our website.

We are also trying to differentiate ourselves by adopting a friendly communication. We introduce the team on the main page of our website and we pay a particular attention to its design. In addition, we respond to comments left by Internet users.

  • Why should our target visit our website ?

Why should our target visit your website? To begin with, we made sure to build an attractive and pleasant site from the home page. In our opinion, the design and the presentation of a website are very important to attract the reader in the first place. In addition, our website is safe, we are not hiding anything. Through this editorial guideline we explain all aspects of our approach. 

Then, our website is adapted to our targets because it’s intended first for students like us, so we know how to express ourselves to interest them.

Finally, all of our article are digital related but they remain very varied and allow to touch a large number of people.

  • Explanation of our strategy

Our strategy is to publish articles very frequently to be well referenced and we choose good keywords. We verify on google adwords if our keywords are relevant. We share each article on Facebook and Instagram to attract varied targets and as many people as possible. We want to appear friendly in order that the visit on our website is pleasant and retain readers. That’s why we introduce the team on the main page of our website and we pay a particular attention to its design.

  • Style of writing and design

Concerning our websites design, we choose to use 3 mainly colors : orange, because it represent communication, black and white for the readability and sobriety. Romain, our artistic director (who was helped by the team) created our logo. We wanted something minimalist and with our three colors. We choose to draw a logo that looks like a fox to symbolize that the digital is smart. This animal is drew with geometric forms to show an imposing and rigorous side. Our logo also seems like a diamond to show the precious value of the digital at the moment and in the future. (you can find it at the end of this editorial guideline, it will allows you to access to our articles, go for it ).

Concerning our presentation photo, we choose to take a black and white photo to reinforce that the digital transformation is touching every topic, even if before that, the topic was working well without digital. Black and white contrasts with the novelty of digital transformation. Each photo is surrounded by an orange circle because the circle represents trust so it’s representing our trust in communication.

For our presentation video, we choose to film in ISCOM to show our workplace and our environment. We wanted something fast, dynamic and funny which shows our roles and our values.

Concerning the titles of our articles, we always make sure that they are not too long, that they are clear and precise. In some articles, some big titles are in « h3 » but most of the time our titles are in « h4 ». Our goal is to get readers’ attention from the title so they can read the content. We have two ways of putting our articles forward through the headings: by asking a question that makes you want to know the answer by reading the article or by giving only the subject in a precise way.

Concerning our writing style, we have chosen to use professional language, but it remains friendly and simple to speak to students who are our main target. We use short sentences and succinct turns to make it easier to read articles and keep the reader’s attention.

Our articles are written and organized in a consistent way by prioritizing our information. In addition to this, each member of the agency can highlight his personality in his writing, which makes it possible to create a link between the reader and the editor. We follow common writing style rules while expressing our personality in our articles.

Our positioning on the topic

We decided in team our positioning about the digital transformation management. We decided to highlight this topic as an opportunity for everyone, and more especially for students. That’s why we removed any kinds of fear about the digital, for example about the privacy, the Big Data and other taboo subjects that we let to other blogs specialized about these subjects. We want to highlight the importance and the influence of digital nowadays.   

Links to our Facebook & Instagram

Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/Ora-agency-630251890704556/ )

Instagram ( https://www.instagram.com/ora__agency )

Why we choose to create an Instagram account in addition to Facebook ? Because every startup bet on Instagram to become famous. The target is younger on Instagram than on Facebook.

End of this editorial guideline

But don’t hesitate… go read our articles!